Cyber Policies

A cyber security policy outlines the assets you need to protect, the threats to those assets and the rules and controls for protecting them and your business. The type of business information that can be shared and where.  
The polices that Cybercraft provide are specific and actionable for both your staff and your IT services provider. It includes:

Overarching Cybersecurity Policy:

Establishes the importance of cybersecurity to the organisation and the high-level cyber-risk management objectives.

Acceptable Use Policy:

Provide clear guidance for those who access or administer information resources on the appropriate, secure, safe and legal way in which they can make use of information systems.

Malware Protection Policy:

Describes the technical and procedural controls that are necessary to fully address malware risks and mitigate business impact.

Asset Management Policy:

Visibility of IT assets is a fundamental requirement for managing cyber-risk.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy:

Sets out the appropriate use of BYOD mobile devices and is intended to protect the confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of organisational and personal data.

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