We want to help businesses adapt to COVID-19

As the business and human impacts from COVID-19 grows businesses need to work through resiliency and planning ahead for business stability and growth. Cybercraft is helping businesses adapt to the new digital world.

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Why Cybercraft is the right partner

Cyber risk affects all businesses. From a governance perspective, it is no longer acceptable to ignore it. Our mission is to help you become safer in a digitalised world. The expert team at Cybercraft will work with you to define and implement a programme ideally suited to your organisation. Taking industry standards as a baseline, we enable your business to flourish in an integrated but volatile cyber environment. 

Our Services

We are consultants first and foremost, so we take a dynamic and holistic approach to safety. This benefits our customers by giving them a 360-degree view of the potential risks they face - making their information and technology systems safer and more resilient against attack. 
If your customers could see how you protect their data would they still do business with you?
If the answer is ‘no’, now is the time to do something about it. If you wait until your business experiences an incident, you not only risk compromising your own data, you could expose your clients as well.

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Schedule a Workshop for Your Company

Upcoming workshops to get you and your organisation on the right trajectory  
Build an Effective Cyber Resilience Programme
Schedule a Workshop
Location of Your Choice
Schedule a Workshop
Location of Your Choice
Does your business have a cyber resilience management programme? Cyber resilience management is a business issue and not an IT issue, and it’s crucial to recognise the difference to protect the most valuable business assets: the business systems data and business reputation.
Executive Workshop
Schedule a Workshop
Location of Your Choice
Schedule a Workshop
Location of Your Choice
Cybercraft will tailor a workshop to present to the Board members at the company. This includes a goal to grow the understanding for the Board in cyber risk, and how to align with the business goals and objectives.
End User Awareness Workshop
Schedule a Workshop
Your Location of Choice
Schedule a Workshop
Your Location of Choice
Let Cybercraft help you by creating a user awareness workshop to develop internal cyber resilience.

Our Clients

Over the last few years Cybercraft has built a strong client base, varying from: small, medium to upper mid market clients. We support a wide variety of industries, including:
Not-For Profits

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