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Cybersecurity Management Internship

*** Available in Australia & New Zealand ***

Your chance to get involved in the cybersecurity industry! Get trained by our knowledgeable experts in cybersecurity, you’ll be climbing up the ladder towards a position as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or Practice Team Leader.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an internship, where you will not only get the chance to upskill in an in-demand field, but you’ll also be able to cut time and cost by working from home. We are looking for people to train and upskill in cyber risk management.

If you have a business management or executive background, and are looking for a more stimulating role, we are looking for experienced people to help us build cyber risk into enterprise risk management for our clients. We seek to develop cyber risk leadership skills that are more business and people oriented than technology oriented.

For those people who have existing consulting and analysis skills, in particular in the cybersecurity field, we’d like to talk with you also as we have a number of non-intern roles available as well.

About the role

Take your first steps forward towards being a Chief Information Security Officer by joining our Intern programme and our team of professionals. As an Intern, you will:

  • Upskill your cybersecurity knowledge through a bespoke programme led by our lead consultants.
  • Complete a range of cybersecurity and cyber risk management level courses.
  • Be introduced to a range of information security and risk management standards.
  • Have the opportunity to deep dive into the technology/digital spectrum to learn specific skillsets.
  • Learn how to utilise and apply your existing business and leadership skills.
  • Leverage experience in project and risk management to deliver great outcomes to our clients.
  • Be involved in hands-on implementations and cyber risk assessment projects.
  • Support Information Security Management System implementations and lifecycle processes.
  • Exercise and extend your interpersonal and persuasion skills.

The Benefits of a Career at Cybercraft

The Cybercraft team has over 50 years of experience and brings with us industry thought leaders who take a holistic independent approach when providing support to organisations. Over the course of the twelve-month program, the internship provides you with everything you need to assess whether this is the right fit for you to successfully launch your cybersecurity career.

While transitioning to a new career can seem exciting but daunting, here at Cybercraft we are offering a number to perks that will make the move a breeze:

  • We offer a strong career pathway through to Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or Practice Team Leadership.
  • Build on existing risk management skillsets and develop an understanding of business cyber risk management, using existing experiences and business context.
  • We cover all training costs, course costs, exam costs, and membership costs as part of the Intern programme. You’ll end up with a bunch of letters after your name.
  • You will be trained to understand & implement the ISO27001 information security standard, risk management and controls for organisations of all sizes.

The Benefits Working for Cybercraft

Joining Cybercraft means you’ll be able to work in a way that suits you best. You will be collaborating with a close-knit team that have a range of experiences in their given fields. When you join our team, you will be part of a supportive and collaborative workforce with access to training and tools to accelerate your potential and maximise your career growth. The benefits for working with Cybercraft include:

  • Eliminate all travel time, reduce vehicle costs, and contribute to carbon emission reduction, as all work is conducted in a working from home environment at your home.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are located geographically. As we work from home, we operate virtually using digital tools to interface with people & technology.
  • You don’t even need to be in New Zealand. Cybercraft does work in Australia and is looking to expand into other countries, so having an international staff presence is beneficial.
  • We have a “no physical face-to-face contact” policy for all contacts, both internally and externally, so that our team members can stay safe in the pandemic world.
  • We are a family-focussed business, and we understand the challenges of juggling family and working whilst keeping the lights on.
  • We provide an end to end working from home environment that includes your technology & digital requirements, as well as supporting your own personal BYOD devices.

Cybercraft is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be considered regardless of any gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, or sexual orientation they may identify as having.

Apply for the Adult Intern position by emailing a copy of your Cover letter & C.V./Resume.

The current application intake opens from the 5th January 2022 and will close on the 31st January 2022, however, please note that we are recruit on a rolling basis.

Agency Notice

Cybercraft does not accept agency resumes. Please no Agency contacts.