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Insights to Innovation with Cybercraft

Practical tools For Exponential Growth & The Innovation System

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The new normal is here to stay and businesses need to interact with their customers differently. This workshop is the beginning of your journey to achieve transformations within your businesses and drive growth.

Expand your market by using exponential and pivot style strategies. You'll be able to take what you do best into the future of your business and challenge the status quo through innovation.

Registration is free and includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

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Workshop Details

The Insights to Innovation is the start of our shared journey towards growth with digital transformation. We've designed it so that you will learn about the same tools, techniques and technology we use in our digital engagements practice.

In the workshop, we'll cover topics such as exponential organisations and the strategies they use to grow, such as massive transformative purpose, and the innovation system. You'll then be able to work with the team at Cybercraft to validate, design, develop and bring your ideas to market.

Key Takeaways

Post Workshop Pack

  • A digital pack post-workshop with the content and outputs created

The How-To deck

  • A deck full of tools to get you using the innovation system


  • A one-pager with potential opportunities for each business

New Connections

  • Get connected to a growing community of business leaders.

Meet The Facilitators

James Boult

James has worked in innovation & creative industries for over 13 years. An avid user of Human-Centred Design & lean methods, he has been Head of Product in a large technology company, an executive member on a Crypto Start-Up, & Director and Principal of a creative agency.

Eoghan Neligan

Eoghan has worked in corporates & SME businesses for over 15 years. He has held a number of key technical roles in organisations including KPMG, Probity Consulting, Cargill International and the University of Auckland.

Meet the Cybercraft Coordinator

Gage Keenan

Gage is the head of Cybercraft's new Digital Engagement practice. He specialises in delivering digital experiences creatively which provide great strategy & implementation that can create value for customers and better business performance.

For any questions about this workshop, please contact Farah directly from the Cybercraft team.

Mobile: (027) 220-0111

Email: farah.herbert@cybercraft.net

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