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People expect amazing experiences everywhere they engage with your organisation, and online is no exception. From conversation starting concepts to large scale online platforms, Cybercraft Digital helps organisations to craft experiences that generates value for their customers, turning them into advocates of your products and services.


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What happens when an organisation adopts digital experiences.

When an organisation makes the move to have digital experiences that excites and inspire its users, it creates the opportunity to not only make it's products and services more accessable, it also drives users to continuously and frequently re-engage with your organisation.

Drive Customer Engagement

Have an experience that encourages your customers to engage with time and time again.

Create Brand Advocacy

Give those that interact with your brand a positive experience they'll never forget, converting them into your brand advocates.

Designed for the future

Our solutions are built with a modern, low cost architecture to keep operational costs low while being flexible enough to rapidly scale!

Keeping the important things safe

Our specialty is in strong data security and privacy practices. So we build it into the base of all our solutions giving your organisation a high baseline level of security.

What are Digital Experiences?

A digital experience is an all-inclusive term we use to encompass the many different ways a person interacts could with your organisation using technology. These experiences generally fall within one of two categories, although a solution may require a mix of both to accomplish a well rounded experience.

These categories are:

  • Online Digital Platforms
  • Physical Digital Experiences

Let's take a look at the kind of solutions each of these categories can create when your organisation chooses to engage with Cybercraft.

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Online Digital Platforms

An online digital platform is a solution that enables your customers to interact with you business 24/7 from anywhere they want. By being accessable online, you gain the ability to:

  • Provide value at a lower cost,
  • Drive high frequency engagement out of your customers,
  • Develop Better insights into who your customers are
  • Leverage the strongest kind of marketing there is - word of mouth.

We do this by leveraging technologies such as:

  • Low-cost serverless development
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Physical environmental sensors & devices

We're able to take your organisation through the development process form start to end, or slot it to fill in the expertise gaps of existing teams. Work with our team of experienced project managers, business analysts, user experience designers, developers and security engineers to bring to life your online platform.

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Physical Digital Experiences

The concept of a physical digital experience is a bit more out of the box compared to a traditional digital experience. It is where people are able to interact with your organisation or brand in ways other than with a mouse or keyboard. Our process of 'physical meeting digital' uses the idea that anything could be mixed with anything and we see how we can push the boundaries of unique experiences by combining two unsuspecting concepts, both digital and physical, to create a new experience.

We've recently explored concepts such as:

  • Emotion recognition through facial recognition
  • Cloud connected interactive light installations
  • A digital Bank of Mom & Dad

And in the process have used technologies such as:

  • Facial recognition with privacy enhancements
  • Quantum level encryption
  • Programable LED lights
  • 3D printed prototypes
  • Internet of Things (IoT) hardware
  • Machine learning

What people say about us

Cybercraft’s knowledge and passion for improving our cyber risk management were clear from day one; throughout the engagement, they took the time to understand our business, work within our budgets and provide the expert help we need to achieve best practice in our business.
Gilbert McKinnon
Chief Financial Officer, Hunter Retail

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Ready with an idea?

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