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Providing specialised expertise

Cyber Squad

Cybercraft presents our Cyber Squad - an elite team of certified cyber professionals designed to tackle today's information security demands. They fill crucial roles, supporting the establishment of a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) for optimal cyber risk management. Their expertise is instrumental, especially for organisations aiming to achieve recognised standards like ISO27001 or the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

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What is Cybercraft's Cyber Squad?

The evolving cyber risk landscape necessitates enhanced leadership and technical expertise, aimed at successfully executing a Cyber Risk Programme and completing the requirements for an ISMS.

A single individual cannot fulfil this extensive skill scope. To drive continuous improvements in cyber resilience, businesses now need a new spectrum of hands-on capabilities, as required for cyber risk management.

We're more than just a person, we're a team of experts

We are industry thought leaders that help define the narrative on Business Resilience focused on governance and management, exploring new initiatives to help communicate issues and challenges.

Cyber Squad Team

Scale Involvement, Scalable Costs

Ongoing Cross-Company Experience

Short-Term Commitment, Long-Term Results

In-House Officer

Full Involvement All The Time, Fixed Costs

Long-Term Commitment, Long-Term Results

Ongoing Single-Company Experience

How can Cybercraft help?

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Lead Chief Information Security Officer

This is assisting organisations with creating a risk management framework that will assist in helping the organisation create better detection on potential cyber-attacks and to become more cyber resilient.

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Cybercraft’s knowledge and passion for improving our cyber risk management were clear from day one; throughout the engagement, they took the time to understand our business, work within our budgets and provide the expert help we need to achieve best practice in our business.
Gilbert McKinnon
Chief Financial Officer, Hunter Retail
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