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Incident Response Readiness Audit

The Cybercraft Incident Response Readiness Audit is designed to assist businesses in identifying gaps concerning incident response at a business level.

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Understand Your Incident Response Capability

The Incident Response Readiness Audit “the Audit” is a readiness audit and is aligned with international standards and frameworks. It is not a risk assessment, and the auditor does not undertake any review of the effectiveness of the organisations Incident Response process. The Audit is an independently conducted by Cybercraft certified auditors.

Cybercraft Incident Response Readiness Audit

The Cybercraft Incident Responses Readiness Audit has been developed to help businesses understand their gaps in respect to incident response, or to establish if their current capability is match fit.

Incident Response Readiness Audit

Independent external audit, conducted by our certified auditors and business experts

Clear picture of your readiness to deal with an unexpected cyber incident or data breach

Reveals strengths and weaknesses in your technical and management response capability

Gives you contemporary and unique insights, improves risk management

Audit Provided by IT Provider

Lacks the impartiality and comprehensive outlook necessary for thorough risk evaluation

Lack the objective perspective required to truly assess your readiness for a cyber incident or data

Unintentionally overlook or downplay weaknesses in your technical and management response capability

Based on the IT direct involvement with your systems, these insights might lack the contemporary perspective

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Small Business, Robust Security: The Imperative for Incident Response Audits in Australia

Australia's dynamic entrepreneurial spirit can be a double-edged sword when it comes to cyber risk, requiring a balance between innovation and caution. Rather than being viewed as a critique, incident response audits should be seen as a tool for revealing improvement areas and guiding cyber risk management enhancement.

In the face of escalating cyber threats, proactive incident response readiness audits are a crucial step for Australian organisations. They offer understanding of existing gaps in your ability to manage a cyber incident breach, paving the way for targeted improvements. By revealing vulnerabilities, these audits empower your business to build stronger defences, safeguarding your operations, customers, and reputation in our evolving digital landscape

Discover how Cybercraft can empower your business:

Fractional CISO

This is assisting organisations with creating a risk management framework that will assist in helping the organisation create better detection on potential cyber-attacks and to become more cyber resilient.

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Cyber Resilience

Cybercraft assists businesses in cyber resilience which is a core organisational function to protect reputation, finances and legal obligation. Cyber resilience is the outcome and Cybercraft use cyber risk (governance and management) and cyber security to achieve cyber resilience.

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The Cyber Risk Assessment conducted by Cybercraft was extensive and thorough and provided valuable insights and recommendations to improve our organisation’s cyber resilience. It demonstrated Cybercraft’s vast knowledge and expertise in this area.
David Spargo
National ICT and Analytics Manager, Able Australia

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