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At a time when businesses are more connected & digital, cybercrime is an integral feature of the risk landscape. The significant financial & reputational impact of a successful cyberattack means the business must step up to address the threat.

Cybercraft offers an integrated suite of incident management and response services, supporting end-to-end solution for managing a cyber incident stress reduction.

What is RapidRecovery

RapidRecovery’s end-to-end support programme thoroughly assesses any gaps, and then arms every department in your organisation with Incident Management strategies and playbooks.

RapidRecovery is built on the industry-leading experience, talents, and knowledge of the Cybercraft team. This vendor-neutral service functions as the glue between the Executive Team and Operations Staff to optimise the response process and minimise exposure for your organisation.

  • Vendor Neutral

    No conflicts of interest. Cybercraft believes the right solution is the best solution!

  • End-to-End Coverage

    RapidRecovery supports the whole team: Senior Leadership, IT, Legal, Operations & H.R.

  • Skilled Expertise

    Clearly define a framework within your organisation on how your data should be accessed, stored and managed.

  • Excellence at Work

    Supporting the organisation's business strategy of digital leadership.

  • Outcomes Focused

    An understanding of the desired outcome is critical to successful Incident Management.

Why choose RapidRecovery?

It allows your organisation to leverage the unique talents and skills of the Cybercrafters (The amazing Cybercraft Team). Cybercrafters know that one of the most important factors in successfully managing an Incident is for all involved to have a complete understanding of the organisation's desired outcome.

What does RapidRecovery offer me?

RapidRecovery improves your organisational confidence in pursuing new business opportunities. Moreover, your crown jewels and customers are protected through a comprehensive risk management plan. If an incident does occur, RapidRecovery offers a robust tactical response that takes effect immediately, minimizing disruption and loss.

Why partner with Cybercraft?

Organisations, Boards and CEOs must be vigilant about the challenges and perils of cybercrime and security threats. A single cybersecurity incident can be devastating, resulting in lost revenue and customer loss. ​Most incidents result from human error and under-investment in cyber risk management.​ To help mitigate that risk, Cybercraft offers RapidRecovery, a cost-effective, robust Incident Management service.

What people say about us

Cybercraft’s knowledge and passion for improving our cyberrisk management were clear from day one; throughout the engagement, they tookthe time to understand our business, work within our budgets and provide theexpert help we need to achieve best practice in our business.

Gilbert McKinnon

Chief Financial Officer, Hunter Retail

Cyber risk management is a must for all businesses.
They help you get started.
Well worth while having a conversation!

James Mann

Business Manager, Energy Solution Providers

Well worth the time.
Great to work with for managing and understanding cyber risk management.

Alix Coutts

Systems Manager, Anthony Harper

With the growing importance of cyber security and the every increasing threat of cyber risks in our present-day time, we (Flume) were eager to work with a company that were not only specialists in cyber security but could help guide us in understanding the importance of cyber resilience and how that needs to be built into your business culture.  
When we met with Cybercraft, we knew they were the team to help us with this because they were both knowledgeable and capable on this area. We decided to engage with their Insight Assessment services which gave us an insight into the areas of our business that were at risk, from an executive level to an operations level. 


Nathan Hauraki, Studio Manager

“We recently engaged in an Incident Response Readiness Audit (IRRA) with Cybercraft and have been thrilled with the results.  As a Healthcare provider we needed to understand our gaps and the team at Cybercraft have been able to provide us with a clear understanding of these.  

Throughout the IRRA they worked with professionalism and expertise and their proactive, friendly approach has given us the confidence that we can ensure our sensitive data and assets are on the way to being better protected.  We would highly recommend Cybercraft to other organizations seeking top-notch cyber security solutions”.

Nicola Mills

General Manager, Sleep & Breathing (NZ) Limited

Get your cyber risk assessed independently within your business

How can Cybercraft help?

Penetration Testing :

Prevent common cyberattacks with Cybercraft’s penetration testing services. Cybercraft can test your websites, platforms, and APIs against rigorous standards.

Annual penetration testing enhances the security of your digital environments, meets regulatory requirements like PCI DSS, ISO, and HIPAA, and protects against evolving threats.

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ISO 27001 Implementation

Gain a clear understanding of your cyber risks with Cybercraft’s comprehensive  cyber risk and gap assessments.

Our consultants thoroughly evaluate your security posture, identify vulnerabilities,  and provide strategic recommendations to enhance your cyber resilience. These detailed reports are crucial for your management team to make informed executive decisions about your organisation's risk management.

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Fractional Chief Information Security Officer

This is assisting organisations with creating a risk management framework that will assist in helping the organisation create better detection on potential cyber-attacks and to become more cyber resilient.

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