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Providing assurance across the digital and technology surface of the business.

Cyber Resilience

We engage with decision makers and ensure that cyber risks are easy to identify and relate to so that C-suite can provide feedback and determine risk appetite, along with parameters that support the best course of action that is urgency and budget.

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What does cyber resilience with Cybercraft mean?

Cybercraft assists businesses in cyber resilience which is a core organisational function to protect reputation, finances and legal obligation. It is not just an IT or cyber security function. Cyber resilience is the outcome and Cybercraft use cyber risk (governance and management) and cyber security to achieve cyber resilience.

What is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber Resilience is a culture. This is a core organisational function to protect reputation, finances and legal obligations. It is not just an IT or cyber security function. Goal Posts have changed - traditional cyber security measures are no longer sufficient - more attacks, higher customer expectations (will change businesses if they are not cyber resilience - recognising that people could be the issue with in the organisation), increased legal consequences (data is becoming the currency for all of the businesses). People are also part of recognising the new goal posts in respect to cybersecurity / risk. Traditionally, businesses have spent on cybersecurity, but not invested elsewhere.

Cyber Resilience

This is a cultural shift within an organisation. day to day best practices for cyber within the organisation.

Cyber Security

This is operations, designed to protect systems, data and network.

Cyber Risk Assurance

What's our process?

The expert team at Cybercraft will work with you to define and implement a programme ideally suited to your organisation. Taking industry standards as a baseline, we enable your business to flourish in an integrated but volatile cyber environment.

How can we help you with creating a cyber resilience programme?

Cyberfit Insights Assessment 3644106

Cyberfit Insights Assessment

This is based on lead indicators to identify cyber risks within the organisation for Executive and Directors to understand risks and prioritise further cyber risks and initiatives.

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Cyber Risk Assessment 3644109

Cyber Risk Assessment

This is a comprehensive assessment providing a clear statement of cyber risk to the Board and the executive to determine risk appetite, and prioritisation of remediation and funding.

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Continuous Assurance

Our assurance appliance provides monthly reporting for any organisation and identifies the gaps in processes that leave organisations vulnerable to attacks. Contact us today to find out how our appliance works for your organisation.

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Offensive Security

Stop preventable cyber-attacks with Cybercraft's offensive security services. We offer well-structured penetration testing solutions for your web-applications, external infrastructure, mobile apps and IOT devices.

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With the growing importance of cyber security and the every increasing threat of cyber risks in our present-day time, we (Flume) were eager to work with a company that were not only specialists in cyber security but could help guide us in understanding the importance of cyber resilience and how that needs to be built into your business culture. When we met with Cybercraft, we knew they were the team to help us with this because they were both knowledgeable and capable on this area. We decided to engage with their Insight Assessment services which gave us an insight into the areas of our business that were at risk, from an executive level to an operations level.
Nathan Hauraki
Studio Manager
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